Risk Factors, Adverse Effects, and Appropriate Responses for Cannabis Use & Distribution


The online course will cover the possible adverse effects of cannabis, as well as the possibility for addition and withdrawal. Understanding risk factors, adverse effects, and appropriate responses to complications associated with cannabis distribution and use is critical to working as a Cannabis Dispensary Technician.


Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the signs and symptoms of physical problems (respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, neuropsychiatric, reproductive) syncope, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, allergic reaction, etc. in the patient that may occur during cannabis use and the appropriate Cannabis Dispensary Technician response.
  • Describe prominent toxicities associated with Cannabis exposure.
  • Describe Cannabis drug interactions.
  • Describe the interaction of cannabis with opioids.
  • Describe potential Risk Factors associated with the use of Cannabis (addiction).
  • Explain how to prevent complications which may occur during cannabis use and how to handle the complications that do occur.
  • List the indications / advantages for recommending the use of Cannabis in the medical treatment of children, adolescent, pregnant and breastfeeding women and adult populations.
  • Describe fears or concerns that parents of children in different development stages might have toward the use of Cannabis.
  • Identify contraindications in the use of Cannabis.
  • Describe the patient/customer identification process for all dispensary customers including pediatrics, emergency situations, etc.
  • List the methods used to confirm the customer/patient’s identity for a variety of situations and patient age groups.
  • Explain how the Cannabis Dispensary Technician should handle ID discrepancies and the procedure for a “missing” ID.
  • List the items/identification required on Cannabis packaging and distribution containers.
  • Describe the potential adverse effects of plant-based cannabinoids on systems of the human body.
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