Modes of Delivery, Routes of Administration, and Dosages


The ideal delivery mode and dosage of cannabis can depend on several factors, including whether the individual is a novice or veteran user, and if they plan to use cannabis recreationally or medicinally. In this online course, you will learn about the different modes of delivery for cannabis as well as appropriate dosages.


Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify basic metric units and prefixes used in the Cannabis Dispensary.
  • Read both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature charts.
  • Define military time and convert from traditional 12- hour clock to 24-hour clock.
  • Recognize Abbreviations and Symbols.
  • Identify key terms used in the Cannabis Dispensary.
  • Describe alternative methods of cannabis administration other than smoking.
  • Discuss the half-life of cannabis. How long does it stay in your system.
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