History of Cannabis & the Cannabis Dispensary


This course will teach you everything you need to know to pursue your budtender career both knowledgeably and safely. This course is focused on:

  • The history of cannabis use
  • How and where cannabis is used today
  • An overview of the Cannabis Dispensary Technician (CDT) role


Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of cannabis use throughout world history.
  • Identify the key historical events associated with the medicinal and recreational use of Cannabis in the United States.
  • Define the function of a Cannabis Dispensary and list the essential competencies for individuals performing Cannabis Dispensary Technician procedures.
  • Identify providers who generally recommend cannabis.
  • Describe various settings where cannabis is routinely used in the treatment of illness.
  • List the reasons for cannabis use. (Recreational vs. medicinal)
  • Describe personal characteristics that are important in a Cannabis Dispensary Technician.
  • Discuss the rationale that supports the need for Certification for Cannabis Dispensary Technicians.
  • Define the proposed state requirements for a Cannabis Dispensary Technician.
  • Identify the health care providers in hospitals and clinics and their major functions in which the Cannabis Dispensary Technician may participate.
  • Discuss the roles of the Cannabis Dispensary personnel and their qualifications for these professional positions.
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