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Master the essential skills and training needed to become a budtender or work in a cannabis dispensary with our online, self-paced courses.


What if you woke up every morning looking forward to fulfilling your personal purpose? Whether you are a recent high school graduate or looking for a career change, CCA is here to help you train for more than just a job.

Every day our students are changing their lives by choosing a career path that is motivating, interesting, and focused on helping others. They are on their Path to Purpose, and you can be, too.

Our mission

Cannabis Career Academy is nationally accredited through High Desert Medical College and is dedicated to providing real-world career training. High Desert Medical College is a Legacy Education institution, a leader in education with nationally accredited colleges.

The mission of Cannabis Career Academy is to educate students in career specific disciplines in the areas that match industry demands. Cannabis Career Academy is committed to offering a quality educational experience by eliminating the spread of misinformation and making cannabis education accessible for all. Our graduates can utilize their knowledge and skills to gain credibility, stand out, and confidently excel in their chosen career.



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