For thousands of years, people from many cultures smoked, ingested, or smeared cannabis all over their bodies for enhanced pleasure. Prohibition might have paused that for a bit, but cannabis is making a comeback in the bedroom. I’m sure you’ve heard of the many potential health benefits of cannabis, but does better sex come to mind?

Now, research is limited due to the plant’s schedule 1 status. However, a few studies published by the Journal of Sex and Medicine showed the majority of participants had favorable results. By using cannabis in microdoses participants were able to feel more relaxed, had heightened sensitivity to touch and an increase in their intensity of feelings. All resulting in a better sexual experience.

How to Microdose Cannabis for Sexual Pleasure

What does micro-dosing in the context of sex look like? According to Top Shelf Budtending’s Andrew Mieure, micro-dosing requires you take less than 5mg. Everyone’s tolerance level varies, but the goal is to take a dose so small you barely notice any psychoactive effects. You want to get the advantages without the buzz —think subtle relaxation and an almost-invisible boost in your senses’ sensitivity.

Incorporating cannabis into an intimate setting can enhance sensation and relaxation while doubling as a local anti-inflammatory agent. Cannabis-infused topicals like lubricants or suppositories can help keep your sensitive parts from swelling or feeling irritated afterward. Our favorite ways to increase sensation, enjoyment, connection, and pleasure through cannabis are listed below!

What are the Best Ways to Use Cannabis for Sex?


Humbolt Apothecary created “Love Potion No. 7,” a tincture that helps you ease into intimacy and boost your libido. Love Potion No. 7 can be used sublingually under the tongue or topically as a personal lubricant. By using cannabis topically, it can enhance pleasure and help ease any potential inflammation without altering your mental state.


Kush Queen, designed a transdermal, water-based lubricant called “Ignite” sold in 30mg THC or CBD bottles. Users can apply the THC or CBD infused lubricant just like a regular lube, but it will need time to activate to fully feel the desired effects. For peak performance, users will need to wait about 15-20 minutes after applying the lubrication. This allows the active ingredients enough time to absorb into the body. Cue foreplay.

Massage Oil

Apothecanna, a Denver-based cannabis company, developed Sexy Time, a subtle and seriously sensual massage oil. Apothecanna’s lightweight massage oil is infused with hemp CBD and intended to arouse sexual desire. The oil helps intensify pleasure by stimulating blood flow and increasing sensitivity. The exotic combination of jasmine, coconut, and Argan oils makes every touch luxuriously smooth.

If you are looking for a more adventurous option, the CBD Daily massage oil candle is one to consider. This unique massage candle has 60mg of natural hemp-derived CBD, natural essential oils, and ultra-moisturizing hemp seed oil. Use the melted wax as a warm and relaxing massage oil to nourish your skin and set the mood.


Suppositories might not be the first product that comes to mind when you think of sex, but hear us out. Foria made suppositories sexy. This company built their brand on orgasms and really paved the way for creating products that combine wellness with intimacy. Their suppositories, include all-natural cannabinoids, that allow you to delve deeper into your relationship. Each capsule contains 50mg of broad-spectrum organic CBD so they can be shipped globally. Suppositories help to increase arousal or relieve tension and discomfort while providing lubrication both vaginally and rectally.

Interested in using cannabis for sex? Cannabis may be the answer for taking your pleasure to the next level! Visit a dispensary near you to see if they have any products we mentioned infused with THC. The CBD products mentioned above can be found online and shipped directly to your home.

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