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Top Skills Needed to Work in a Dispensary Top Skills Needed to Work in a Dispensary

Budtenders are the face of a cannabis dispensary. They’re responsible for every impression a guest has with a brand, whether it’s their first time shopping for cannabis or their 50th. But what does it take to work in such a unique position? If you’re thinking about applying for a job at a dispensary, here are […]

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Man-Interviewing-a-Candidate-For-a-Cannabis-Industry-Job Job Interview Tips: What Not to Say to a Hiring Manager

As we head into the new year, we wanted to share some of our best interview tips. In an interview, your primary aim is to show the hiring manager why you -above all other candidates- are the ideal hire for the position. Your goal is to show you have the correct set of talents, a […]

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9 Most In-Demand Cannabis Jobs

As an emerging legal industry, cannabis has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the nation. For many years the opportunities were few and far between and mostly limited to the West Coast. Now, as more states shift toward legalization we are beginning to see higher demand for new jobs throughout the Midwest and […]

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