Pharmaceuticals (Synthetic Cannabinoids)


Enroll in this online course to learn the origin, science, and pharmacology of synthetic marijuana, the man-made chemicals that interact with the same brain cell receptors as THC.


Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the pharmacology of exogenous cannabinoids in clinical use.
  • Discuss the pathophysiology of synthetic cannabinoid poisoning.
  • Discuss the origin and development of synthetic cannabinoids, the prevalence of use, and the legal restrictions now in place.
  • Describe how synthetic cannabinoids work.
  • Recognize potential adverse effects of synthetic cannabinoids on the human body.
  • Understand how synthetic cannabinoids affect the brain.
  • Compare the effects of synthetic cannabinoids to the effects of plant-based cannabinoids.
  • Discuss how people use synthetic cannabinoids and the potential for abuse and dependency.
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