Certified Cannabis Dispensary Technician Program


The online Cannabis Dispensary Technician program consists of eleven learning modules and a final exam. This comprehensive certification program will grant you a deep foundation of cannabis knowledge and expertise. The courses cover multiple marijuana-education topics, including botany, biology, history, safety, and customer service.


The Certified Cannabis Dispensary Technician (CDT) Program includes the following 11 course modules:

  1. History of Cannabis & the Cannabis Dispensary
  2. Basic Infection Control & Safety in the Cannabis Dispensary
  3. The Endocannabinoid System
  4. Phytocannabinoids
  5. Pharmaceuticals (Synthetic Cannabinoids)
  6. The Human Body & Responsive Conditions to Medical Cannabis
  7. Modes of Delivery, Routes of Administration, and Dosages
  8. Effectively Communicating as a Cannabis Dispensary Technician
  9. Risk Factors, Adverse Effects, and Appropriate Responses for Cannabis Use & Distribution
  10. Legal & Ethical Issues Related to the Use and Distribution of Cannabis
  11. The Future of Cannabis Research
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