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Cannabis dispensary purchase

The Growing Demand for Certified Budtenders

Launch a Career in the Marijuana Industry with a Cannabis Dispensary Technician Certification More Americans are legally using marijuana than ever before. The medicinal and recreational cannabis industry continues to expand rapidly across the country. Much of this has been fueled by new state laws and evolving attitudes towards...

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Understanding the Laws Regulating Medical Marijuana

What is Medical Marijuana? Medical marijuana refers to any part of the cannabis plant that can be used to alleviate a variety of health conditions. When people use medical marijuana, they are seeking relief from pain and medical symptoms, not to get high. The cannabis that is legally sold...

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Job Interview Tips: What Not to Say to a Hiring Manager

As we head into the new year, we wanted to share some of our best interview tips. In an interview, your primary aim is to show the hiring manager why you -above all other candidates- are the ideal hire for the position. Your goal is to show you have...

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cannabis for sex

Using Cannabis for Sex

For thousands of years, people from many cultures smoked, ingested, or smeared cannabis all over their bodies for enhanced pleasure. Prohibition might have paused that for a bit, but cannabis is making a comeback in the bedroom. I’m sure you’ve heard of the many potential health benefits of cannabis,...

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In-Demand Cannabis Jobs

9 Most In-Demand Cannabis Jobs

As an emerging legal industry, cannabis has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the nation. For many years the opportunities were few and far between and mostly limited to the West Coast. Now, as more states shift toward legalization we are beginning to see higher demand for...

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The Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

The cannabis plant is one of the oldest plants on earth, and various cultures have used it for millennia. The plant’s history is fascinating, but it is also good to understand what exactly a cannabis plant looks like in order to appreciate its utility. This blog post will cover...

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Cannabis without smoking

7 Ways to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

Smoking cannabis is by far the most common consumption method, but it’s not always for everyone. Some people might live a more active lifestyle and want to keep their lungs clear. Some guests might have children or roommates and don’t want their house to smell. Then others might have...

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5 Best Terpenes for Pain Relief

What Are The Best Terpenes For Pain? You have undoubtedly heard of terpenes if you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized for medical or recreational purposes. When you smoke your preferred cannabis strain, the flavor and fragrance are most likely caused by terpenes. However, numerous studies...

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11 Medical Marijuana Terms You Need to Know

If you are already familiar with the recreational uses of marijuana, you may be considering a career in the medical marijuana industry.  While you may know what a marijuana plant looks like and what a bud is, there’s much more you need to learn if you want to work...

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Different Cannabis Businesses

The Main Types of Cannabis Businesses

Broken down into two categories: those that touch the plant and those that do not. In the United States, cannabis is legal in some form in more than half the nation. With more states moving towards legalization the demand for jobs is on the rise. In 2021, the marijuana...

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How Cannabis Is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Legality of Marijuana In the United States, marijuana has been legalized in over 30 states.  However, it still has not been legalized by the federal government. With at least several million Americans using medical marijuana, a majority of the country is in favor of complete legalization. Uses of Medical...

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The State of Cannabis Today

In the United States during the 21st century, marijuana is a major social and political topic. Nationwide, Americans are becoming increasingly more interested in understanding more about cannabis legalization. In this article, we will go over the legal state of cannabis today and the future of the plant! A...

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