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cannabiscareer.com is a product of High Desert Medical College. High Desert Medical College (HDMC) is a nationally accredited college. HDMC is a Legacy Education Institution. Our staff is highly educated, experienced and offers a winning approach to providing career training for students to prepare them for the best and hottest career fields.

High Desert Medical College is here for you as you walk down your new cannabis career path.

The Cannabis field is growing by leads and bounds. Earning your Dispensary Tech Certificate will give you a deep understanding of what a Dispensary Tech does and the underlying chemistry of how it works on the body.

Why you need this course

The legalization of medical cannabis is advancing worldwide. Since the science of medical cannabis is generally not part of today’s medical training, healthcare professionals must close an education gap on the science behind medical cannabis and clinical care.

To meet growing demand for sound, fair, balanced and relevant medical cannabis education, we have created an eLearning website with courses to help educate a growing global community of healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients who want to learn about the science and clinical data behind medical cannabis.

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